The Imposter

After selling more stuff online from my Etsy shop and my website than I ever have, I was having a great week. I was driving down the M62 to deliver some work and an invoice to my first real freelance client. The sun was shining and I was listening to AID podcast. . .

I suddenly realised I was actually living the dream. . . Well my dream anyway.

I’m my own boss, I work from home I can do whatever I like.

I wondered if I was asking too much on my invoice. After all, I’m only a pretend graphic designer, aren’t I? Yep, I’m an imposter.

Then “Ker-Ching” another sale. . . .

For someone who has lived with depression for what seems like forever, I actually feel proud of myself. I never thought I would ever be doing this. Self-confidence was just something I pretended to have.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me over the past seven years. I’m not going to name any of you. You know who you are. . . And to those of you who have legged it. I understand and don’t have any bad feelings.

I am happy

Oh and here’s some more dots. . . . . . . . . . . to annoy the grammar police.. . . . . . . . . . . .

Mikey Gannon