Poor Old Ray

On Good Friday I gave Ray Winstone an application of Frontline Spot On flea treatment. The one you apply to the back of the neck. On Saturday I noticed a patch of red skin on his neck. By Sunday a clump of fur had fallen out, about the size of a 10p coin. Then the diarrhoea started. . . this continued through to Easter Monday. The poor little guy was literally exhausted. He was visiting the litter tray virtually every five minutes. He ended up sleeping in the litter tray. 
I took him to the vets on the following Tuesday and they said he had had an allergic reaction to the Frontline, he had to have an antibiotic injection and some anti diarrhoea tablets. 
He perked up a bit for a day or two but by the Thursday he was exhausted again and wouldn't eat. Anything he did eat was vomited up.
He spent another week sitting in the litter tray unable to poo and just vomiting bile. more scabs started to appear on his neck ears and chest.
The following Monday I took him back to the vets and he was put on an IV drip to get some fluids into him. He had a load of blood tests and more antibiotics. He was shaved on both front legs where the IV was attached and shaved around the broken skin on his neck and chest. He looked like he had escaped from a cosmetics testing lab. Now his head was wobbling like a little old man.
His appetite started to come back, but by the end of the week he had only eaten about as much as he'd get through on a normal day. 
I literally thought that he wasn't going to get any better. On Sunday morning he actually managed to climb onto my bed and wake me up, asking for food. Which he hadn't done for a couple of weeks.
He seemed to be perking up.

But on Bank Holiday Monday he started pissing blood. I had to take him to the emergency vets. During the examination, Ray attacked the emergency vet, splitting his finger. The vet then had to get emergency first aid. I spent an awkward 15 minutes waiting in the examination room with Ray wondering if the vet was ever going to return. 
Eventually, he did with a bandaged finger. He was fine with the injury "It's just an occupational hazard." He asked me to collect a sample of Ray's urine and I was given a kit to collect it and some anti-inflammatory drugs to help with his scabs.
I brought him home on Monday night and had to wait till he went to the litter tray for a wee. I then had to pipette it into a test tube and take the tube and Ray back to the vets on Tuesday. I took the sample. It was literally just a test tube full of blood.
On Tuesday morning I went back to the vets with Ray and the blood/urine sample they couldn't test the urine's ph because it was just showing as blood. They gave him another big dose of antibiotics.
I brought him home and by dinner time there was a massive change.
He suddenly started eating, He jumped up on the desk and started doing normal cat stuff, like laying on the keyboard and booting the mouse onto the floor. He started following me around. He started crying for food.
Today he's been like an annoying kitten His litter tray doesn't have blood in it. His food bowl has been refilled about 3 times, he's cleaning himself and his scabs have started to fall off. Apart from the missing bits, his coat is glossy and his eyes are bright. 
He's back to the vets tomorrow for a check up.
I think he has used up quite a few of his 9 lives in the past month. And about £500 + in vets bills.
Just think what it will be like in a few years when we don't have a functioning NHS anymore. When a visit to the doctors will be like going to the vets. £30 per consultation, double the price on a Bank Holiday, £65 for your antibiotics. £300 for a blood test (This is just Vet prices. Doctors fees will be far more). 
Anyway, that's enough depressing stuff. Ray seems to be on the mend. Fingers crossed he is, otherwise, I'll need to get a job soon.