Happy New Year


In 2017, I joined HotBed Press in Salford and started screen printing again. After a dodgy start I have produced 6 different screen prints, and I sold out of three. I also put some of these designs out as greetings cards. Etsy sales of my pin badges continued to rise and I had cracked the 1100 sales barrier at the end of the year.

Nutricia continued to hire me to do graphic design jobs. Although these jobs were relatively easy to do, they dragged on and took up quite a bit of my time but they paid well.
I sold my car and bought a van. I got myself a Mazda Bongo and had intended to make it into a camper-van, as a project over the summer months, but I didn't get the chance, I was just far too busy. Ray Winstone (my cat and company mascot) was rapidly using up his nine lives, and I felt like I was never out of the vets. (Poor Old Ray).

Then in July my dad died. He was in relatively good health for an 86-year-old, so it was a massive shock. My sister found him in his bed, he had died in his sleep. The rest of the year seemed to fly by. I had plenty of work to do and before I knew it; winter had arrived. Poor old Ray made his final visit to the Vet's, and I reluctantly said a final goodbye.

Deciding to spend Christmas day home alone seemed like a good idea. I got up around 10am and had a massive panic attack. It was nothing to do with Christmas or fear of a visit from the Wet Bandits; I think it was the realisation we are all on the same journey and the final destination is death. It was a proper Scrooge moment. I went back to bed and spent the whole day there. I wasn't visited by any ghosts but I did have a lot of weird dreams.
The next day I was back at work and put in two full days 10am to 3am and made 54 designs for health and safety signs. I'm waiting for the client to get back to me, with 54 changes before I send them off to the printers.
I bought myself a Christmas present to celebrate my 1,100th Etsy sale. I am now the proud owner of a Revo Superconnect Internet Radio. An essential piece of kit when you spend 12 hours a day at your desk.
New Year's Eve celebrations comprised of watching two 1980's films which haven't aged well; Party Party and Wilt and followed by Jools Holland's Hootenanny.
So 2017 started off so well but took a dip halfway through. Work wise it was quite successful but on a personal level it was pretty stressful at times.

2018 plans include a lot more printing and a lot more socialising and (a bit of) exercise.
I hope you all had a good 2017 and your 2018 is your best year ever.